Writing some piece of code used to be my hobby when I was doing by B.E at Anna University. May be it was because I originally wanted to do computer science and engineeing. But anyways, I guess that it had helped me come a long way. Here are some of the programs that I was working on. Though most of these might not be useful any more as they are, they may be used as references of how and (in some cases how not to) do certain things!

Software written during my Undergraduate days:

1. CROnics - Analog circuit simulation software. This would always be close to my heart.

2. DSPInterpret - My first (primitive) compiler for writing some DSP simulation code (probably 0.001% of Matlab!!)

3. GUI library for DOS - provided a base for many of my projects using the lean (and very powerful if you want to learn programming) DOS.

Software written in (but not for!) the 21st century:

1. Parallel FFT programs using MPI (Message Passing Interface) for clusters - This was a project for my CS5221 course in NUS.

2. Simple calculator using flex and yacc - This was my first assignment for my CS5214 course in NUS. This was a 3 day (almost 15x3 hrs) work.

3. Cloud Printer (formerly, Cloud Print) for Mac that can be used to print to a Google Cloud Print enabled printer that is registered to your Google account. This has print options and job management support.