DSPInterpret Version 1.0

By Somasundaram Meiyappan (1999)

DSPInterpret is a compiler that can compile and execute programs written in this language. This program does not have a linker though. This software can be used to develop & test DSP(Digital Signal Processing) solutions. This program supports a few functions only; but new functions can always be added.

A Help file is also provided to help you get started. It also has a wizard which can generate code for the user. The user must just declare the variables.

The compiler, though primitive, has some nice things in it. Several functions with the same function name (limited form of function overloading) can exist; but with different number of arguments. Every variable passed into a function is passed by refernce. This enables us to change the contents of the variable inside a function. GW-BASIC style subroutines, using GOSUB, are provided.

The software was developed using Microsoft Visual C++. I did not concentrate much on the User Interface. This is my first compiler project and I am happy atleast it came this well. And I did not use compiler generator tools like flex or yacc. The tokeniser and the parser are hand-coded.

The software was developed for the course project in my VC++ course that I underwent at NIIT. It also won the second prize in a software contest held in my university - Anna University.

Minimum Requirements:
Intel Pentium based PC with Windows operating system.
4MB of free Hard disk space.

     File: dspinterpret.zip
     Size: 129 KB
  This compressed file contains the full source code. You are free to use it for any purpose.

Click here to download DSPInterpret V1.1