Cloud Printer for Mac OS X 10.7 (and above)

By Somasundaram M   (2011)

This free application allows you to send a print job to your Google Cloud Print enabled printer from your Mac. You can even specify most of the print options supported by your Google Cloud Print enabled printer after buying the In-App purchase through the Mac App Store. This tool also lists the jobs that have been printed to this printer so that you could track them.

Cloud Printer 1.x.x users: Please download version 2.x.x from Mac app Store. It contains support for new version of Google Cloud Print. Read below for more details.

Recommended way to use the application
The recommended way is to use automator to create a print-plugin and use this application from most application's print dialog. Here is a step-by-step Guide to setup an automator based integration into Print Dialog:

  1. Open Automator in Mac
  2. Click 'Print Plugin'
  3. Ensure that 'Actions' tab has been selected in 'Automator'
  4. In the search box in Automator, enter 'Open Finder Items' (please translate this to your local language if English is not the language used in your Mac)
    • You could optionally use several actions in the "PDFs" subsection and select any of the PDF transformation that is required for your workflow. Please see below for more details.
  5. If you 'double click' on the 'Open Finder Items' in the list of 'Actions', it will add that action to the plugin being created.
  6. On the right half of the Automator program (where there is a visual flow graph of the plugin being created) and in the 'Open Finder Items' action, select 'Cloud Printer' that you have installed in your Mac in the 'Open With' option.
  7. Now, save your plugin with a name of your choice typically indicating 'Print using Cloud Printer'.

Now, you can print from most Mac applications using the Cmd+P button and it will bring up the Mac Print Dialog. Typically, on the left bottom corner of the Print Dialog, there will be a drop-down list box with the default text 'PDF'. Please click that option and select the plug-in that you have just created. This will send the print job to the 'Cloud Printer' program from which you will able to select the Google-Cloud-printer/print-service/Googl­eDrive that you would like to print to.

More ways of using Cloud Printer with Automator

There are many interesting workflows that can be enabled by making use of the various Automator actions before using 'Open Finder Items' action to send the print job to this applications. One could

Please watch the video walthrough of the process below in HD.
The file here contains three *.workflow files that should be copied into users's "~/Library/PDF Services" directory which will provide three automator scripts to print using this Cloud Printer program.

If you encounter problems in Automator not launching the application correctly, please execute this command in your terminal window.

ln -s /Applications/Cloud\\ Printer ~/Library/PDF\ Services/Print\ using\ Cloud\ Printer

Other ways to use the application
Please note that the file formats that can be supported will be limited. At the moment, atleast PDF/TXT/JPEG/PNG files and Microsoft Office Document/Presentation/Spreadsheet files are known to work.

Minimum Requirements:
Intel 64-bit Mac OS X >= Lion 10.7
2.7MB of free Hard disk space.


  This is a free application that is exclusively distributed through the Mac App Store from version 2.0 onwards. There are no ads and one will be able to submit print jobs to their Google Cloud Printer for free using the printer's default print settings. However, the ability to change Print Settings is offered as an In-App purchase through the Mac App Store to support continuous development of the application as things evolve in GCP.

Download latest version from Mac App Store

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