Musings in music - Notes (Last updated: August 4, 2006)

Some say that music is the first step to reach God. And some say that music just frees your mind of all worries. Probably, one thing is clear, good music evokes an emotional response of some kind. Some also create a physical response. How often have you gotten goosebumps when listening to a western classical music and suddenly get deep bass sounds which simulate your skin? Even better, add some lyrics that suit the music so well, one would cry, feel strong and forget the worries/happiness of life! I have experienced all of these when listening to various pieces of music. And I am sure you have too!

I started learning mmusic of any kind quite late in 2004. But "better late than never" is soemthing that you could always say! I am learning to play two instruments - flute and violin - the South Indian classical style (Carnatic). My violin Guru is Srimathi.Shankari Sethurathnam and have been learning from her since March, 2004. I learn flute from Shri.G.Sridhar (who holds a record for a 24-hr non-stop flute recital in 1991) since September 2005. Apart from learning to play the instruments, my Gurus, some of my class mates and I do engage in general discussions of music. With inspiration drawn from all of them (and from my brother-in-law, Mr.S.Subbiah, I started writing small musical pieces - mostly around 1 min in duration. I am doing this as an exercise trying to think in a raaga. You can listen to some of them in the embedded music player in this page. Please do feel free to listen and write to me of your opinions, criticisms and suggestions.

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